The journey of a cancer patient is one best taken together.

Navigate it with Hope from Within.

I'm a cancer patient I'm a cancer carer

Hope from Within (HFW) is a multi-stakeholder cancer advocacy campaign led by MSD in the Philippines, committed to renewing hope and reinforcing the fight for Filipino cancer patients.

Do you know your cancer journey?

Knowing to navigate the course is half the journey complete. Find the best course of action for your own cancer journey here.


It starts with knowing your risk…

From risk factors and causes, to signs and symptoms, awareness of the disease is the first brave step in overcoming it. Get screened for cancer today.

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What to do after your cancer diagnosis

After awareness is acceptance, and after acceptance is action,
with a strong hope from within and around you to help see
you through. Early diagnosis is key.

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Strong Support System
Consult medical oncologists for proper guidance
Only ask your oncologists for treatment options
Collaborate with your multidisciplinary team

Learn more about the treatment options available to you

You can and should ask your doctor about all the cancer treatments available for your specific condition.

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uses drugs to kill cancer cells.


or radiation therapy uses high doses of radiation to kill cancer cells and shrink tumors.


removes the cancer from the body.


helps your body's natural defenses fight the cancer.

Targeted Therapy

targets and disables the genes or proteins that cancer cells need to grow.


You can tell your story here

Patients and caregivers alike will learn from your story of battling the Big C with steadfast hope from within and through support from loved ones.

A daughter’s love for her father, as told by Ariella Arida

Broadcaster and HFW ambassador Diego Castro served as a cancer carer to his father who battled lung cancer.

Help inspire action for better access to cancer care!

"This is for you, for your loved ones, and for every Filipino cancer patient."

Known journalist, speaker, and avid health advocate Nina Corpuz is Tita Hope – the face of the Cancer Game Plan PH. This campaign helped gather patient support groups and more influencers to give patients a voice, and to espouse early detection of cancer and increase access to treatment options, especially through financial assistance from government agencies.

Join her in making a difference for our kababayans by signing the petition to pass landmark laws for quality cancer care for everyone.

Tita Hope says YES to better access to treatment options that help Filipinos live longer, happier, more productive lives!

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Cancer Care Programs in the Philippines

Hope from Within helps navigate the cancer patient journey by pointing patients to the direction of cancer care programs in the Philippines, from which all stakeholders – from patients to caregivers, to advocates and survivors – can greatly benefit.

Visit the government websites:


Cancer Care in the time of COVID

Cancer is not a death sentence, even during these unprecedented times. Keep the Hope from Within alive and ask your doctor about possible schedules and appointments, so that you don’t delay this ever-important treatment.