Hope in the midst of the Pandemic

Hope From Within stepped up to hold the hands of patients and caregivers through Project Stronghold, a sub-campaign whose focus is to provide reliable information and support for those navigating their cancer journey, while trying to survive COVID-19.

“I don’t yearn for what I used to enjoy before the pandemic. My attitude is to live in the present and look forward to tomorrow. When is my next schedule of infusion? Yun ang priority ko. Lagi din ako nakikinig sa mga doktor”

— RUFINO, Lung Cancer Survivor

“Cancer was never on lockdown. During pandemic, we need to stay hopeful. We need a good cancer game plan while maintaining safety protocols. We, the Philippine Society of Medical Oncology, are here to help.”

Dr. Herdee Luna, Medical Oncologist

It’s not a choice between cancer or COVID. You can get the care you deserve.

— Dr. Ellie May Villegas

Stronghold: Cancer Care in the time of COVID 19

Cancer is not a death sentence, even during these unprecedented times. Keep the Hope from Within alive and ask your doctor about continuing treatment today.

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