Meet Tita Hope

Broadcast journalist and health advocate Nina Corpuz is Hope From Within’s Tita Hope! Tita Hope is an ally to all our kababayan affected by cancer. She is here to remind us that we must all work together towards building a future where all cancer patients can enjoy more hopeful tomorrows. Big or small, we all have a role to play.

Support the call for funding and implementation of NICCA

Tita Hope presents “NICCA”

The National Integrated Cancer Control Act or NICCA aims to give better support to cancer patients, especially those from the underserved, throughout every step of their cancer patient journey — from diagnosis, to getting access to treatment options, and to getting post-cancer care all while ensuring that the entire journey isn’t as physically, emotionally, and financially burdensome as it is typically known to be.

Ultimately, the law shall serve as a framework for all cancer-related activities of the government.

Get to Know NICCA’s Objectives

National Integrated Cancer Control Act

To decrease overall mortality and impact of all adult and childhood cancers.

To lessen the incidence of preventable cancers in adults and children.

To prevent recurrence, metastases or spread and secondary cancers among survivors and people living with cancer.

To provide timely access to optimal cancer treatment and care for all cancer patients.

To make cancer treatment and care more affordable and accessible.

To improve cancer treatment and experience of patients and families.

To support the recovery and reintegration to society of the cancer survivors.

To eliminate various forms of burden on patients, people living with cancer, survivors and their families.

Tita Hope Presents:

The Cancer Game Plan!

Collaboration is key in fighting cancer.

The healthcare industry, advocacy groups, and the entire cancer community continuously work together to ensure that Filipino patients will get access to affordable and quality cancer care to provide them with quality of life and improve their overall survival.

Influencers support the Cancer Game Plan

Be part of the advocacy! Take a stand against cancer today and sign the petition for better access to cancer care.

Susan Africa, Cancer Carer

Tirso Cruz III, Lung Cancer Survivor

Dr. Bill Ramos PSMO petition

Cancer Game Plan Milestones

With new health challenges, Cancer Game Plan 2.0 emerges to push for better, more equitable, and easily accessible cancer care for every Filipino.

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MSD in the Philippines launched the Cancer Game Plan Report

In 2020, Hope From Within launched Cancer Game Plan 2.0 to advocate for the proper implementation and funding of the NICCA.


It highlights that the implementation of NICCA plays a major role in giving cancer patients better, equitable, and affordable access to cancer treatment, which includes gaining access to the full cancer registry.


If put into practice and given the right funding, it can help in addressing long-term sustainable access to more treatment options.

Cancer Game Plan Results

The CGP Report indicates that innovative therapies may bring a new hope for select cancer patients as it can help them to:

  • further enjoy added years to their life,
  • progression-free life years,
  • quality-adjusted life years, and
  • overall improved health gains between five- and ten-fold

The CGP Report in the News

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Tita Hope Talks is a series of cancer care access dialogues featuring key opinion leaders from various sectors to share their insights on how to improve cancer care delivery to Filipino patients and their families, and to help them navigate their cancer journey especially this time of pandemic. Apart from disease awareness, the series will zero-in on conversations on ACCESS to quality cancer care, and ways to provide quality of life to and improve overall survival of cancer patients.

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