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Cancer Heroes

Dear Cancer Heroes: Honoring People in Clinical Trials

“Cancer research” can bring to mind labs, medicines, and graphs showing how well one treatment compares to another. But how often do we think of the people behind those graphs?

The patients who participate in clinical trials are the true heroes of cancer research. They show extraordinary courage – and make tremendous sacrifices – while giving valuable insights into critical research.

To express our appreciation, MSD began #DearCancerHeroes – a social media campaign to recognize their fortitude and contributions to the field. It’s a small gesture to show our gratitude. We want to let clinical trial participants know they are not alone and there is a whole community of people cheering them on.

Anyone can join the movement by writing a message to cancer clinical trial participants on a sticky note and sharing it on social media using #DearCancerHeroes.

Cancer research has come a long way and still has a long way to go. However, we wouldn’t have gotten to where we are today without these heroes.

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