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List of Hospitals Around the Philippines Accepting Cancer Inquiries

Best Oncologists in the Philippines: Philippine Society of Medical Oncology (PSMO)

Uncertainty has been a recurring theme surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

At the beginning of the outbreak, there was very little credible information available on what the disease even was. People had to self-sort through whatever snippet was available on topics like how the virus spread, why people were hoarding toilet paper, how to prevent the disease, why a quarantine period was necessary, how to cure COVID, and so on. As the situation progressed months later, although many questions were answered and protocols were put in place, the future post-pandemic still seemed ambiguous.

Most importantly, as of writing, there is still much uncertainty around a COVID cure. There is, to date, no singular or concrete vaccine developed or distributed and administered to the affected population. One of the segments most affected by COVID are those patients with co-morbidities or pre-existing conditions. Being immunocompromised (characterized by the immune system being weaker due to it fighting off an existing disease) meant being more susceptible to contracting the virus.

The Philippine Society of Medical Oncology or PSMO has been the frontliners for cancer patients in the Philippines and they have created this initiative to list all hospitals accepting treatments for cancer.

Cancer care challenges during community quarantine

Cancer patients in particular had to endure some days of uncertainty amid ever-changing quarantine period policies. Although these were put in place for their own safety, many had to wonder what would become of their therapy regimens.

But with the digital innovation and the power of community, there would always be a beam of hope amid the crisis.

Spread the Hope during this pandemic

Hope From Within in support of this Philippine Society of Medical Oncology effort, stands with cancer patients and their right to information on their treatment regimens moving forward, by providing this free and timely list of hospitals nationwide that are currently accepting cancer inquiries.

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Some questions you can ask your doctor:

  • How will my treatment regimen be moving forward? Do we continue, or can we reschedule?
  • How many cycles away am I from completion?
  • What will be the effects of delaying my therapy?
  • What again are my treatment goals? Does delaying therapy still meet those goals?
  • Is telehealth (health consultations through telecommunications) an option for me?
  • Source: PSMO (ūü°® link to PSMO president video)

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