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What to do after you find a lump in your breast, and more: The Breast Cancer Map

Breast cancer affects nearly 25,000 women in the country yearly.

But breast cancer awareness in the Philippines needs to go deeper if we want to make a change. Women, especially, need to be made more aware of their breast cancer symptoms, screening options, and treatment options. That’s why Hope From Within has come up with the Breast Cancer Map: Your Step-By-Step Patient Journey Guide, to help women fight breast cancer better!

The Breast Cancer Map Step-By-Step Walkthrough:

  1. Start with a Breast SelfExam. The internet is chock full of resources on how to know if you have breast cancer, but it’s important to do it well, do it frequently, and start doing it as soon as possible. Pay close attention to any telling signs that could be breast cancer symptoms!
  2. Found a lump in your breast? Know who to ask! Breast cancer requires a multidisciplinary approach – that is, you need a team of the best breast cancer doctors in the Philippines on your side. Your medical oncologists, surgical oncologists, radiologists, psychologists, and clinical nurses will all be there to help you through your entire patient journey, and you can even show them this breast cancer map!
  3. Now that you know who to talk to, one important step you need to know about and ask for is complete panel testing. What is biomarker testing or complete panel testing, anyway? It is a more intensive screening for breast cancer tumors, and is one of the methods used to confirm if you have breast cancer. It is also used to determine the type of breast cancer you have!

    Some breast cancer types that we should be aware of usually have to do with the status of the Hormone Receptor (HR) and the Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor-2 (HER2) in a breast cancer tumor:
    • HR and HER2 could both be positive (+) or present, which happens in about 1 out of every 5 breast cancer incidences
    • HR+ and HER2-, which accounts for 70% of breast cancer incidences
    • HR- and HER2+, also known as Inflammatory Breast Cancer
    • HR- and HER2-, also known as Triple Negative Breast Cancer, which is harder to treat
      Most importantly, it can open you up to more treatment options – you may even get to keep your breast!
  4. Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) is one of the types you should know about. Affecting around 20% of breast cancer patients, triple negative breast cancer symptoms are similar to other breast cancer symptoms, but the effects are more aggressive and the condition has poorer prognosis. A big difference also comes in the treatment of this breast cancer type, as it doesn’t respond to common treatment options.
  5. Screening for breast cancer and knowing your type are so important for proper diagnosis and treatment! Once that’s done, it’s time to explore your treatment options! Ask your doctor about the best hospitals for breast cancer in the Philippines and ask about neoadjuvant treatment.  It could be right for your type of breast cancer.
  6. Once you’ve talked to your doctor about the best treatment options available, be sure to ask about how you can apply for cancer medical assistance. The cost of chemotherapy and other therapies for breast cancer in the Philippines can be daunting, but Hope From Within stands in unity with cancer patients in making these treatment options more accessible to more people!

    And when undergoing treatment, make sure you stay transparent with your cancer medical team, you communicate with your caregivers and loved ones, and you keep the hope from within to tough out this cancer journey until you reach your…
  7. … Neo Lease on Life! With innovative treatment options for breast cancer, effective testing and screening for breast cancer tumors, and boosted breast cancer awareness in the Philippines, more and more women will be able to gain more years to live out their best lives with the ones they love.

So let’s pay it forward for our sisters, for our loved ones #BCWeCan! It starts with you. It starts with us! We’re with you in this fight against breast cancer.

Download the Breast Cancer Map on your computer or mobile device today!

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